Come and visit the Madrigal Hotel and let us put your mind at rest.
Your health and safety, and that of our staff, remain our priority. In order to guarantee the best possible conditions for your stay, we have reinforced our already robust hygiene measures, in both our rooms and public areas.

Hotel & Restaurant

Wearing a mask is MANDATORY in all public spaces throughout the Madrigal Hotel and Mangeaver Restaurant (lobby, elevator, hallway and stairs):

• Make sure to keep a safe distance from hotel staff and other guests (between 1m and 1.5m).
• Disinfect your hands regularly with soap and water: Hydro-alcoholic gel is available at the lobby and on all floors
• Avoid touching surfaces at the reception desk and throughout common areas of the hotel
• Only one person may use the elevator at a time, to ensure social distancing is maintained.
• In case of suspicion of illness during your stay: please contact a receptionist from your room who will tell you what to do.

Clear signs have been put up reminding guests of preventative measures including wearing a mask at all times in common areas.


• The entire reception area, elevator buttons and the handrail are disinfected after each guest has passed through. • Hydro alcoholic gel is available on arrival to disinfect your hands. • The receptionist will always be wearing a mask. • Masks are available on request if needed.

Elevator access

• Sanitize your hands before you use the elevator. • Take the elevator alone (or with family members only). • Maintain social distancing. • Protect your hands, avoid touching surfaces. • Wash your hands after using the elevator.


Frequent cleaning of our common areas is conducted by a member of our team every two hours. In terms of our hotel rooms, we ensure there is a delay of four hours between the departure and arrival of subsequent guests, to allow for a deep clean and aeration of the room.

• We make sure to clean all contact points including tables, light switches, elevator buttons and breakfast utensils with recommended disinfectants. • Intensive carpet vacuuming. • Washing of bed linen at 60°c, as recommended by the WHO. • Frequent aeration of rooms and common areas.

Products and Protocols for our team members

In order to carry out their work safely, and in optimum conditions, our team have access to the following:

• A go-to point of contact for COVID-19-related matters, as recommended by the hospitality union. • Specific training on how our staff can protect themselves and others. • Silicone gloves and surgical masks. • Dedicated signs in employee commons areas to remind them of precautionary gestures (changing rooms, corridors).