The Hotel Madrigal: A haven of peace and inspiration in the heart of Paris 15


Family Friendly Warm Atmosphere

Reading The Tales in the City by Armistead Maupin, you find mention of a place of love and kindness, a little boarding house an 28 Barbary Lane, San Francisco, managed by the charming Anna Madrigal.

This place inspired us to create a similar atmosphere in our hotel, Madrigal. So, at 32, boulevard Pasteur, you can find a heaven of peace and pleasant moments, a cozy and comfortable place for casual or unexpected meetings.

Staying in The Hotel Madrigal, you enjoy a new adventure but feel as if you are at home!


Reducing the ecological footprint

Rooms eco-designed, recycled boat wood furniture produced by the French craftsmen, choice for long-lasting materials and colors creating peaceful and relaxing atmosphere express our implication in sustainable development. Moreover, the hotel furniture composing elements have no impact on people health, neither on the ozone layer.


The hotel design concept was fashioned by a team of artists with a purpose to unite the ideas of eco-responsibility and of a stylish but homelike place. The decor works are inspired by the local history (there was a studio of a famous sculptor Auguste Rodin in 1890), as well as by the proprietor’s perception. The floors areas are designed as an art gallery with the great French physicians or scientists’ portraits on the doors. It’s one of the ways of the hotel’ proprietor, Groupe Pasteur Mutualité, to show their commitment to the world of the health professionals for 160 years.

THE MADRIGAL HOTEL : the cultural experience as well